Josh Jackson Blocked Marvin Bagley Into Oblivion

For most rookies, you hope your "Welcome to the NBA" moment gets pushed back as long as possible. Maybe you get dunked on after the All-Star break. Maybe you're fortunate enough to make the playoffs in year one, where rookie mistakes are expected and accepted. The further down the line, the better.

Having it happen in your second Summer League game seems like an absolute nightmare, but the world is a dark, cruel place. And for Sacramento Kings rookie and No. 2 overall pick Marvin Bagley III, the baptism came early.

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Bagley was blocked into oblivion by Phoenix Suns second-year man Josh Jackson, who then stood over Bagley for added effect, over the weekend, in a video that instantly made its way around Twitter. What happens in Vegas usually stays in Vegas, but not in this case. Bagley will surely bounce back, but no rookie is safe anymore, not even in Summer League.