Just Watching LeBron's Ridiculously Difficult Core Exercise Will Make Your Abs Hurt

When LeBron James elevates for a rim-rattling dunk or an electrifying chase-down block, he's producing thousands of watts of power. The ability to generate such extreme levels of power starts with his core. If you think of your body as a giant chain, your core is the center link that holds everything together. Without a strong and stable core, you can't adequately transfer power throughout the body.

Propelling LeBron's 6-foot-8, 250-pound body around the court and above the rim takes a ton of core strength, which is exactly why it's such a crucial part of King James' routine. Earlier today on Instagram, LeBron showed off one of his favorite core stability exercises:

That's LeBron kneeling on top of a Swiss ball as he holds a Bodyblade-like device in several positions. Kneeling on top of the ball is difficult enough, but the introduction of that device cranks the difficulty way up. LeBron's core must work overtime to stabilize his body and allow him to keep his balance. By moving the device around to several positions with both hands, LeBron is making sure he's working to destroy any muscle asymmetries that may exist. LeBron accompanied the post with this caption:

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Core and mind stability!! Getting my cadence from the side. #StriveforGreatness #MyOffSeasonIsMySeason #IHaveToContinueToImprove

An improved LeBron is a terrifying thought for his NBA rivals.