LeBron James Reveals That He Is Secretly Left-Handed

When you're the best basketball player on the planet, and your Cleveland Cavaliers squad is in the midst of sweeping a second straight opponent out of the Eastern Conference, sometimes you get bored. That's what happened to LeBron James during a Game 3 blowout of the Toronto Raptors, his tenth straight playoff victory dating back to last summer's NBA Finals. So he decided to have some fun.

With under four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, LeBron scooted around a pick from Tristan Thompson, pulled a spin move on Corey Joseph in the lane and hit a floater with his left hand. Before the game was over, he would shoot two more left-handed floaters, and all of them were silky smooth. They stood out in a major way, since, ya know, LeBron has always been right-handed throughout his basketball career. But when asked why he decided to shoot with his left after the game, LeBron gave a fascinating answer.

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"I have no idea how I became a right-handed basketball player," LeBron said. "I think maybe it was because of Michael Jordan, Penny Hardaway, guys that I looked up to growing up. Seeing those guys shoot righty, I guess I'll shoot righty. I'm pretty much a left-hand guy. I don't take many of those shots, but I'm capable of making those shots. I work on my craft. I work on both hands."

LeBron went on to say that he's been honing his left hand since he first started playing basketball.

"My Little League coach Frank Walker told me that if you can't make a left-hand lay-up, then you're not going to be much of anything of a basketball player," he said. "From that point on, I've worked on it every single day."

For most of his daily life activities outside of basketball, LeBron uses his left hand. Apparently he's just as good with his left on the hardwood as he is off of it, too.


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