LeBron James Thinks This Class of NBA Rookies Is the Best Since 2003

By now, the NBA rookie class of 2003 is famous. LeBron James went No. 1 overall. Carmelo Anthony went third. Chris Bosh went fourth, with Dwyane Wade coming off the board right after. And don't forget David West, who went 18th. That class is looked at as one of the best ever.

So when the best of that class's alumni compares another group to his, that's high praise. And that's exactly what LeBron did when he was asked about the things the 2017-2018 rookies have been doing in the playoffs. With Ben Simmons, Donovan Mitchell and Jayson Tatum all balling out, LeBron made a bold statement.

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"You look at the rookie class from this year, and it's probably the best since 2013," LeBron said after a Game 4 sweep of the Toronto Raptors.

He might have a point. Outside of the aforementioned names making their mark in the playoffs, guys like Josh Jackson, Lonzo Ball, Lauri Markannen and OG Anunoby have all left their fingerprints on the regular season.

Will this class ever reach the heights of 2003's? Stay tuned.