LeBron Shows Off Awesome Core Strength in New Workout Clip, Looks More Motivated Than Ever

It's been a tumultuous offseason for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but LeBron James is focusing on what he does best—work.

LeBron's work ethic is the stuff of legend, and recent events have undoubtedly added more fuel to his motivational fire. Earlier today, the four-time NBA MVP posted some clips of his workout on Instagram.

Core training is an essential part of LeBron's routine, and rightfully so. Propelling his 6-foot-8, 250-pound frame around the court and above the rim takes a ton of core strength and stability. Here we see LeBron performing Physioball Circles:

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The exercise looks simple, but I encourage you to try it for yourself. The movement requires an amazing amount of core stability.

LeBron also posted this message to the masses:

LeBron's certainly not lacking motivation heading into the 2017-2018 season, and that could be bad news for the rest of the NBA.