Leonard Fournette Recorded the Fastest Foot Speed of the NFL Season, Which Is Absolutely Terrifying

Leonard Fournette has arrived.

The Jacksonville Jaguars rookie running back recorded 181 rushing yards and two touchdowns in Sunday's 30-9 rout of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Fournette's an absolute beast of an athlete, and his recent performance produced some marvelous metrics. The most impressive of which came on this 90-yard touchdown dash:

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That's an amazing display of acceleration from the 6-foot, 228-pound running back. Fournette hit a top speed of 22.05 mph on the run, the fastest speed by any NFL ballcarrier this season (the next closest guy clocked in at 21.52 mph).

Second-year safety Sean Davis was the Steeler with the best chance of catching Fournette. The two players are about even when Fournette reaches the 15-yard line (though Fournette admittedly has a little more momentum at this point):

No more than 30 yards later, Davis is eating Fournette's dust:

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That's the definition of breakaway speed.

The craziest part is that Davis himself is ridiculously fast, as he clocked a 4.46 40-Yard Dash at the 2016 NFL Combine. Leonard Fournette is one of the strongest backs the league has ever seen, as he's capable of shrugging off would-be tacklers like mosquitoes. But he can also dust dudes with legit 4.4 speed. That's a terrifying combination.