Myles Garrett Once Ran a 4.44 40-Yard Dash at Texas A&M

Myles Garrett made waves ahead of the 2017 NFL Combine when he said he was aiming to run a 4.4 40-Yard Dash.

By that point, we all knew Garrett was an athletic outlier. But a 272-pound man running a 4.4? That's downright supernatural. Garrett went on to record a 4.64 40-Yard Dash—which is still a lightning-quick time for a defensive end—but what basis did he have for his bold pre-Combine prediction?

During a recent interview with the 21-year-old Cleveland Browns rookie, STACK asked him exactly that. Garrett's answer was simple—he'd run such a time before.

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"Really, I've done it before. I guess I was a little bit smaller then. I think I ran it as a sophomore in college, and I ran a 4.44, and then a 4.47. But (that) was probably 12 pounds ago," Garrett told STACK. "So, there's more I got to carry down the field for that amount of time. Really, I just have to get adjusted to it and try to get back to my speed." Garrett did improve on his Combine 40 time at his Pro Day, clocking a blazing 4.57.

Hearing Garrett criticize himself for not running a 4.4 sounds ludicrous, but he's nothing if not ambitious. He's gone on record about his desire to be "the greatest that ever played".

"Why would you want to look back and wonder what you could really do?," Garrett said. "I don't really have to worry about all those expectations. I already have my own that I need to worry about. I don't need to care about anybody else's."

Hopefully Garrett will heal up from his high-ankle sprain quickly and we can watch him chase down quarterbacks soon.


Brought to you by STACK