Watch Top NBA Prospect Lauri Markkanen Effortlessly Drain 18 Straight 3s

When we introduced you to Lauri Markkanen, the sweet-shooting big man from Finland during his freshman season at Arizona, the 7-footer was shooting the 3-ball like few other men of his size—or any size. In January, Markkanen was hitting 3's at a 50-percent clip, which would be absurd for Steph Curry, much less a man of Markkanen's size. That number eventually regressed to the mean, dropping to 42.3 percent by the end of the season, but Markkanen's shooting ability already had NBA scouts dreaming of employing him in their pace and space offenses.

The above video will do nothing to quell Markkanen's NBA hype. In the midst of a pre-draft workout, he hit 18 3-pointers in a row from the right corner; and judging by the video's caption, he apparently drained even more than that. Eighteen in a row is impressive by itself, but each 3-ball Markkanen puts up barely grazes the rim. The ball drops through the net like a stone landing in a river without making a splash.

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Markkanen's pristine shooting ability should make him a top-10 pick, and if NBA teams get up-close looks at shooting displays like this during their private workouts, Markkanen may continue to rise.