NFL RB DeAngelo Williams is Training to Become a Professional Wrestler

DeAngelo Williams is 34 years old, has played 11 seasons as a running back in the NFL and is somehow about to get involved in the only sport that might be even more taxing on an athlete's body than football.

While Williams remains a free agent after parting ways with the Pittsburgh Steelers this offseason following a two-year stint with the team, the Arkansas native has decided to try his hand at one of his other loves: professional wrestling. Williams has long been a fan of the WWE (he's well known as the NFL's biggest wrestling superfan), and after making a cameo on an episode of IMPACT Wrestling back in April, the running back is ready to make his wrestling debut.

Williams will participate in tag-team match, teaming up with former Atlanta Falcons offensive lineman Quinn "Moose" Ojinnaka, as a part of IMPACT's "Slammiversary," a pay-per-view event set for July 2. And lest you think Williams is just simply trying to have some fun, footage of his training shows Williams taking this whole wrestling thing pretty damn seriously.

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Williams is flying around in the ring, practicing getting flipped down onto the mat, bouncing off the ropes and even hitting an opponent with a nasty forearm to the neck. Williams totally looks the part.

"I'm a huge, huge, huge fan of professional wrestling, and everything I'm going to do in the ring will be for the wrestlers who I have watched in the past, as well as those I still watch today. I respect the sport, the wrestlers and everything that comes with it," Williams said in a press release. "You're going to get everything I have inside the IMPACT Wrestling ring; I'm going to try to show off my athletic ability."

Williams has been working closely with former wrestler and trainer Scott D'Amore, who wrote that Williams has been "making waves in the wrestling biz already" on his Twitter account. We can't wait to see Williams in action early next month.


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