NFL WR Josh Gordon Smashes Home Runs, Continues to Prove He's a Freak of Nature

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon has been working hard to make an NFL comeback. After multiple suspensions, Gordon has not played in a game since 2014. But recently, the one-time Pro Bowler has been making headlines because of his freakish athleticism.

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Gordon is hoping to have a decision on his reinstatement by April or May. In the meantime, he's been showing off his skills in other sports. Earlier this week, Gordon posted a video on Instagram showing him dunking a basketball—not just boring rim grazers, but high-flying slams that would make LeBron James proud.

Sure, that's impressive, but Gordon is 6-foot-4. As a wide receiver, he is supposed to be able to jump high. So, if you're not impressed with his basketball skills, take a look at his baseball skills, because he can hit home runs too.

You can see that the 25-year-old starts off slow, but after a couple of tries, he's smashing them out of the park. He even breaks a bat. What can't Gordon do?

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If you think he's been spending the offseason playing other sports and not training to get back in the NFL, you'd be wrong. On Monday, Gordon shared a picture of how jacked he is from all of his training.

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Gordon's best year in the league was 2013, when he had 87 receptions, 1,646 receiving yards and nine touchdowns. Hopefully he can get his off-the-field problems solved so he can again be a beast on the field.