Nike Documentary Takes Us Inside Kevin Durant's Workouts, Preparation and Life in the NBA

On July 4th, 2016 Kevin Durant shocked the basketball world by joining the Golden State Warriors, who were coming off a historic 73-9 regular season and a trip to the NBA Finals.

The backlash from his decision—the noise—was harsh and it was everywhere.

"I feel like I've been getting bullied all year. I took the easy way out, I don't deserve anything, I took the easy way out. Easy…that s--- pisses me off," Durant said.

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Fans everywhere were livid, but none more hurt than KD himself.

"There was no celebration. He was in more pain making that decision than anybody because that was the opposite of what he had done his whole life, which was make sure that everyone was happy," Durant's agent Rich Kleiman said.

In this 35-minute documentary KD opens up about his decision and the reaction, while showing what his first season with Golden State was like.

From his unorthodox skill development sessions with Steve Nash, to working to get back from injury, to the extra shots and work that nobody usually sees. We go all the way through the playoffs with the eventual NBA Champion and Finals MVP.

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KD shows intensity, passion, humility and vulnerability all within this short documentary.

"You worked your whole life to get to this point and sometimes you don't even enjoy it because you're worried about what other people got to say. And that's a struggle some days," he says.


Noah Graham/National Basketball Association/Getty Images