Reebok is Getting in on the Highly Questionable Rompers for Men Trend

As the summer of 2017 approaches, the human race is focused on one thing, and one thing only: What will be the latest fashion trend when temperatures soar into the 90s? Will windbreakers come back? Will our shorts be longer or shorter than last year? Will college bros finally stop wearing pinnies on Saturday afternoons?

While we don't have all the answers yet, we do know that something called a male romper (or "RompHim," as it's known) has already established itself as the clothing trend of Summer '17.

What's a romper, you ask? It essentially takes a short-sleeved button-down shirt and a pair of short-shorts and combines them into one. Ridiculous though that may sound, rompers have been a hit at music festivals like Stage Coach and Coachella (and probably every other festival with "Coach" in the name). In fact none other than Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton rocked a especially floral romper to this year's Coachella, setting the internet ablaze as he did so.

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Reebok wants in on the romper trend. The brand is getting set to release what it's calling the ReeRomp, a romper made of a wicking "ActivChill" fabric that comes with an option for attaching a hood.

"The current design that's trending leans toward a preppy side with a collar and buttons," designer Eun Jung Park told SGB Media. "I designed ours to be really simple and sleek. [It's] designed for comfort. It's fitted in all the right spots, and with the added element of ActivChill, it's really versatile for any type of weather, especially the heat."

Look for the ReeRomp to drop some time this summer, and prepare to hate any and all rompers by September.

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Photo credit: Reebok