Summer League Phenom John Collins Once Scored 26 Points Entirely on Dunks During a High School Game

Watch out, NBA players.

Because if you're not careful, John Collins will find you. And he will dunk on you.

Collins, a power forward out of Wake Forest who was selected by the Atlanta Hawks with the 19th overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, said as much during a recent interview with STACK.

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"I'm definitely looking to poster anyone I can," Collins said. "It's an amazing feeling, man. It hypes up everybody, gets the team going and can definitely change the momentum of a game."

Collins has since become the talk of the NBA Summer League after throwing down this monstrous jam on top of two New Orleans Pelicans defenders:

That dunk got Collins' name trending nationally on Twitter, though it's far from his only Summer League highlight. He's been a dunking machine:

Brought to you by STACK

Brought to you by STACK

True story—Collins once scored 26 points entirely on dunks during a high school game.

"I forget which team we were playing, but I had 26 points—all dunks—and like 15 rebounds. There was a guy in the crowd chanting, 'He can't do anything else but dunk! Make him do something else but dunk!' My goal that whole game was to dunk everything. I was like, 'Man, I haven't done anything skill wise. I haven't shot the ball once. I think I can do this at the next level when I can make myself do one thing the whole game and they can't stop it.' That was definitely a turning point for me to be like, 'Man, I think I can do this,'" Collins said. And that's despite the fact he wasn't able to dunk until his sophomore year!

The 19-year-old is also working on becoming a bigger threat on the perimeter. After not making a single 3-pointer during his two seasons at Wake Forest, Collins knocked one down the other night. He's currently averaging an impressive 17.5 points and 10.3 rebounds per game on 64.4% shooting in the Summer League. Read our full interview with Collins here.