Tampa Bay Buccaneers DE Noah Spence Consumed 9,000 Calories a Day This Offseason

Entering his third year in the NFL, Noah Spence was committed to becoming a more complete player. As a defensive end, he wanted to transform his body into one that would be able to withstand staying on the field for all three downs, and ensure his weight stopped fluctuating as the season went on, a problem he'd had in the past. So he started eating. A lot.

Spence is in the midst of a meal plan that sees him consume 9,000 calories per day, a diet that has helped him put on 35 pounds and boost his weight from 228 to 263 pounds. He's sitting down to eat nine times a day, drinking seven protein shakes, eating tons of pasta and taking a deep dive into coconut-milk ice cream, all in an effort to become a guy who can both rush the passer and stop the run, and not get moved off the line of scrimmage.

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"I kind of just started playing with it [in the offseason] to see what works," Spence told ESPN. "I felt like if I just don't stop eating or drinking, I won't lose weight."

So far, the results have been positive. Teammates say he hasn't lost any of his speed and that his body looks better than ever. Spence is also drinking a gallon of water to go along with those nine meals.

Spence has two jobs, now—football and eating.