Teddy Bridgewater Was Spotted Dropping Back and Throwing Passes Again

When Teddy Bridgewater went down in a heap during Minnesota Vikings training camp last summer, the result of a non-contact injury so gruesome it moved some teammates to tears, rumors began swirling that he'd never play football again. Bridgewater tore the ACL is his left leg and dislocated his kneecap, among other damage to his knee, ending his third season in the NFL before it even started. The Vikings promptly traded for Sam Bradford, and Bridgewater faded into the background like a ghost.

The Vikings have given no indication that Bridgewater is part of their 2017 plans, but a video Bridgewater just posted to his private Instagram account might just shake things up.

With a brace of some sort covering his left leg, Bridgewater can be seen dropping back and throwing a pass, the first time we've seen anything resembling "football activity" from the young quarterback since that fateful day last summer. It's been about seven months since Bridgewater underwent surgery, so to see him moving around and throwing the football with his patented white gloves can't help but get fans excited about his future.

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Who knows how close Bridgewater is to starting a game for the Vikings, but this is certainly a huge step forward for the quarterback fans once thought would guide the franchise to a Super Bowl. He is only 24 years old, after all.