The Phoenix Suns Are Running the Hell Out of NBA Prospects During Pre-Draft Workouts

For an NBA prospect, the gauntlet of the pre-draft process can be exhausting. Sometimes you fly to several cities in one day to work out for various NBA teams, and those workouts are not to be taken lightly. In addition of individual drills, many teams put prospects through a rigorous game (or games) of 3-on-3. Throw in the interviews and you have one helluva private workout.

The Phoenix Suns don't care about any of that. They want to see what you can do when you're body is at its weakest, so for years they've asked their prospects to participate in what they call the "three-minute run" at the end of the workout session. With three minutes on the clock, prospects are instructed to sprint from baseline to baseline, counting each touch of the line as one length. The prospects try to run as many lengths as they can before time runs out.

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This, in a word, sounds miserable. In the video above, you can see how worn out former Kentucky Wildcat Malik Monk was as he went through the three-minute run during his recent visit to Phoenix. My man is gassed. Monk still completed 25 lengths, which is a little over three shy of the all-time leader, Philadelphia 76ers guard T.J. McConnell, who owns the record at 28 3/4 lengths.

The Phoenix Suns truly show no mercy.