This Viral Punt From a High School Football Game Defies the Laws of Physics

Punts rarely make for viral videos.

But when a punted ball inexplicably rolls for 50 yards, seemingly in the face of all known laws of physics, people take notice.

That's exactly what happened at a recent Raby High School (Chicago, Illinois) game. The punter didn't make great contact, as his high-arcing kick traveled only about 35 yards through the air. Then the ball took on a life of its own:

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All told, it wound up being a 73-yard punt for Raby.

Were Gale force winds to blame? Was it a tilted playing surface? Judging by the players' collective astonishment, those explanations seem all too simple. The only logical conclusion is that Raby has mastered the dark arts in an effort to win the field position battle.