Tom Brady: Patriots New Place Kicker?

As his 41st birthday approaches, reports that Tom Brady isn't quite set on playing football in 2018 are starting to bubble to the surface. ESPN's Adam Schefter writes this morning that Brady "still has not committed to playing in 2018," and has not taken part in the start of the New England Patriots offseason workouts, though the latter is something he's done int he past.

Regardless, doubts about Brady's boast that he wants to play until he's 45 have started to creep in. But maybe Brady just doesn't want to play quarterback anymore. Maybe, he's simply preparing for a new role with the Patriots: their place kicker.

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On vacation in Qatar, Brady was captured on video working on his kickoff skills on the beach, booting a football barefoot (careful, Tom!) to a friend. Does he need to work on distance and heights? Yes. But hey, guys, it's windy by the water. Give Tom a break.

Brady for Patriots Kicker, 2018