Tom Brady Thinks Lamar Jackson Is a 'Beast'

As Tom Brady, legendary New England Patriots quarterback and noted avocado ice cream consumer, grows older, his activity on social media increases. Once a very private man, Brady opened an Instagram account last year, and even let Facebook follow him around with cameras for a documentary series called Tom vs. Time that debuted in early 2018.

Further proof of Brady's growing enjoyment of social media came by way of an Instagram post from the NFL Network on Wednesday, sharing a quote from analyst Bucky Brooks in which he states that Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is intrigued by Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson after watching Deshaun Watson carve up his defense last season. Deion Sanders can be found in the comment section of said post, writing "About time they get the revelation." And, just below that, Brady chimes in, responding to Sanders with "he's a beast!" in reference to Jackson.

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The Patriots are in a precarious situation when it comes to their quarterbacks, with multiple reports stating Belichick never wanted to trade former backup Jimmy Garoppolo. With rumors of the Patriots interest in Jackson starting to heat up, one might think Brady would feel threatened. Judging by his comment, Brady looks to be fully embracing the possibility of Jackson as his heir apparent.