Uncovering the Mystery Behind 'The Freeze' and How He Got So Damn Fast

Over the weekend, Atlanta Braves mascot "The Freeze" took the internet by storm. Between innings, the Braves feature 'Beat the Freeze,' where one lucky fan gets to race a man dressed in a blue jumpsuit and snow goggles. But The Freeze happens to be extremely fast.

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The race starts at one side of the warning track and finishes on the other. The fan gets a large head start, but so far, no one has defeated The Freeze. One fan during the Braves' Friday night game got a little cocky and paid the price.

In the second race of the weekend, The Freeze even stumbles, but still catches the fan to win the race.

So who is The Freeze and why is he so fast?

Brought to you by STACK

The man behind the goggles is actually Nigel Talton, a college track star who has been a part of the Braves' grounds crew since 2012. The 26-year-old ran track at Iowa Wesleyan, where he broke a 23-year-old sprinting record during his freshman year.

He also made it to the 2013 U.S. Indoor Championships for the 60-meter event. Talton is in the green jersey, second from the right.

Here are his personal best times according to Sports Illustrated: 6.77 seconds for 60 meters, 10.47 seconds for 100 meters and 21.98 seconds for 200 meters. So before you judge the fans who get caught during the race just remember, The Freeze is really fast.