USC Completes One of the Most Insane 4x400m Comebacks You'll Ever See

The NCAA Track & Field Championships took place on Saturday, and the women's track team for USC needed to win the final event, the 4x400m relay, to win the whole thing. That's when something truly amazing happened.

In third place coming into the final leg, USC had a horrible exchange of the baton going into the anchor leg, and was so far behind the leader, a runner for Purdue, that it seemed virtually impossible to even cut the gap in half, much less take the lead. That's when Kendall Ellis put on the jets.

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"Purdue's going to win this," one of the ESPN commentators calling the race exclaimed as the runners made their final turn. But Ellis kept closing, and sped by Purdue's runner at the last millisecond to win the whole thing for the Trojans. The amount of ground she covered in a matter of seconds is remarkable.