Video of Marshawn Lynch's First Workout With the Raiders Shows He Hasn't Lost a Step

Marshawn Lynch is back in the NFL, and it doesn't even look like he took time off. The Oakland Raiders newly acquired running back is extremely happy to play for his hometown squad and is eager to show the Raiders that they aren't getting an over-the-hill running back.

"Authentic passion is what I see," Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio said in a recent press conference. "He is a homegrown guy. He's extremely excited about joining this football team, being part of the Raider Nation, and we're excited to have him. I don't know that I've ever seen anybody else be more excited and more pleased to be joining a team. My team. Our team."

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The 31-year-old back retired for a year and hasn't played a snap since the 2015 season with the Seattle Seahawks, but Lynch didn't sit around and get out of shape during his retirement.


On Monday, Beastmode hit the field with the Raiders for the first time, looking like he hasn't lost a step. He also looked very good in the silver and black.

Lynch wore a training mask during practice to make it harder to breathe, increasing the difficulty of his workout. Raiders fans are not be pleased that the team is moving to Las Vegas, but they have to be happy to have Lynch in the backfield.


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