Warriors Fan Gets Mean Mugged by Kevin Durant After Stealing His Towel

In no other sport do fans sit as close to the action as they do in the NBA. This can make for some lighthearted moments, like when LeBron James steals popcorn from a fan, as well as some pretty awkward ones. Slot what happened to Kevin Durant in the latter category.

After scoring 26 points en route to helping the Golden State Warriors go up 2-0 on the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, Durant was strolling back to the tunnel toward the locker room when a fan reached down and swiped the towel Durant had hanging around his neck. The look Durant gave the fan was one of the most terrifying death stares I think I've ever seen.

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Of course, after being caught, the fan immediately returned the towel to Durant, then even extended his hand for a high five. But probably don't invade a player's personal space like that again, dude.