Watch 13-Year-Old LeBron James Jr. Almost Throw Down a Nasty Dunk for the First Time In-Game

LeBron James and his two sons were down in Miami this weekend, with both LeBron "Bronny" James Jr. and Bryce playing in an AAU tournament being held in South Beach. And though LeBron has his upcoming free agency decision weighing heavy on his mind, he left enough brain space available to have his mind absolutely blown by something his oldest son attempted on the court.

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After his team nabbed a turnover, Bronny got the ball in transition and decided it was a good time to attempt his first ever in-game dunk. He smoothly gathers himself, cocks the ball back with one hand a la his father... and misses. But not by much, and it was enough to leave his father stunned in the stands. The naturalness with which Bronny went up for the attempt probably points to him having thrown down in practice on a regular basis.

A quick reminder that Bronny is 13 years old.