Watch Cristiano Ronaldo's 7-Year-Old Son Embarrass His Youth Soccer Opponent

When your name is Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., you better be good.

Thankfully for Ronaldo Jr., the 7-year-old son of reigning Balloon d'Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo, he has the skills to live up to the name.

His father frequently shares highlights of Jr.—whom the family refers to as "Cristianinho"—with his 115 million followers on Instagram. YouTube user Wrzzer took many of the best clips and stitched them together in one video:

You'll notice that Ronaldo Jr. was rocking No. 7 in many of those clips, no doubt a tribute to his dad. But they don't just share a number and a name—like his old man, Ronaldo Jr. also has great size, slick footwork and a lethal goal-seeking shot.

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"He loves football and he plays all the time. Often it's difficult to get him to sit down and have dinner because he's always outside kicking a football," the elder Ronaldo recently told Portuguese magazine Hola. "I suppose it's in his blood."

In 15 years, we might just see Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. dominating soccer, and LeBron James Jr. dominating basketball.