Watch Dallas Cowboys Rookie Ryan Switzer Show Off His Incredible Footwork

During his career at the University of North Carolina and in the Senior Bowl that followed, the overall scouting report on Ryan Switzer highlighted his ability to run some of the most pristine routes in college football. Most of his scouting report on references his route running, heaping praise on his "crisp" route pattens and "sharp angles" coming out of breaks.

Standing just 5-foot-8 and playing out of the slot, Switzer must run perfect routes to achieve success, and he does so by constantly honing his footwork so that he can leave defenders grasping at air. write that he has "sudden feet to shake press defenders out of his release." Even more than his ultra-reliable hands, Switzer's feet might be his most prized possessions, and he takes no days off when it comes to keeping them sharp.

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The Dallas Cowboys rookie posted the above video to his Instagram story. He shows off his incredibly quiet and quick feet while navigating through a series of thin poles placed a few inches away from each other. That's elite stuff.

There have already been rumblings that Switzer could replace Cole Beasley in the slot as the 2017 NFL season progresses. With skills like the ones he shows off above, we wouldn't be surprised. Dak Prescott is about to get a whole lot happier.