Watch Emmanuel Sanders Embarrass a Cowboys Cornerback With This Ridiculous Route

Emmanuel Sanders played a key role in the Denver Broncos' victory over the Dallas Cowboys in Week 2, recording six receptions for 62 yards and two touchdowns.

One of those touchdowns came on this beautifully-executed whip route against Cowboys rookie cornerback Jourdan Lewis:

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That's an ankle-breaker of a route if I've ever seen one. How did Sanders manage to make an NFL cornerback look like a clumsy dude who ignored the "wet floor" sign?

It all goes back to his training. Sanders is a long-time client of wide receiver coach David Robinson. Robinson, who owns the skill training company D-Rob Always Open, also trains the likes of Antonio Brown and Jordan Reed. Shortly after Sanders ran his devastating route, Robinson shared a clip of them working on the exact same technique:

Fortune favors the well-prepared.

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The 30-year-old Sanders is one of the most consistent receivers in the NFL, as he's compiled over 1,000 receiving yards in each of the last three seasons. He's quick to credit Robinson with a role in his success. A testimonial from Sanders on Robinson's personal website reads, "I love working with Coach Rob! He is very technically sound and demands the best out of you on every rep and harps on consistency! I've been training with him for years and I love working with him."