Florida State DT Derrick Nnadi Squats 750 Pounds, Proves He's the Strongest Man in College Football

We've already told you about Donte 'Cheetah' Jackson, the LSU cornerback who's likely the fastest player in college football.

Now it's time to get acquainted with Derrick Nnadi. A 6-foot-1, 312-pound senior nose guard at Florida State University, Nnadi very well may be the strongest player in college football.

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How strong is he? When he came into FSU as a freshman, he could already bench over 400 pounds and squat over 600. Last August, Nnadi's maxes had reportedly ballooned to an incredible 525 pounds on the Bench Press and a superhuman 750 pounds on the Squat. We can only imagine that those maxes have crept even higher over the last 10 months. "He's the strongest guy I've ever met in my life," FSU tight end Ryan Izzo told Warchant.com. "When he goes to do max, he fills up the whole bar (with plates). The bar is bending."

That type of sheer strength is more in line with a powerlifter than a football player, but Nnadi is much more than just a workout warrior. Last season, he racked up 49 tackles, 10.5 tackles for loss and 6 sacks en route to Coaches' first-team All-ACC honors. That's pretty incredible production for a nose guard, and Nnadi's stunning strength pops on film. Just watch how he manhandles 300-pound offensive linemen in these clips:

Nnadi's already rated as a top-20 prospect for next year's NFL Draft. A strong senior season (no pun intended) could send his stock even higher.

Photo Credit: Brian Utesch/Getty Images

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