Watch Jordan Clarkson Crash a Rec League Basketball Game and Cross a Defender Into Oblivion

For teams that don't qualify for the NBA Playoffs, the offseason can be long and full of down time. It can also be devoid of organized basketball, leaving players to fend for themselves when they want to get a run in and can't show up at their team's practice facility. That's one reason why the Drew League has become so prominent, but since it doesn't start until mid-summer, players like the Los Angeles Lakers' Jordan Clarkson have to get creative.

Clarkson decided he'd crash a Venice Beach rec league game over the weekend, which meant that one poor soul was charged with attempting to guard a 6-foot-5 professional basketball player. It went just about how you'd expect.

Clarkson crossed over some poor dude so viciously that the guy fell over and went flying toward the baseline. The crowd that had formed around the game went absolutely bonkers. Clarkson then passed the ball to his teammate who drilled a 3 before walking off the court and out of the gym.

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That dude who got crossed over may never return to the Venice Beach rec league ever again.