Watch Kentucky's Hamiduo Diallo Hit a Max Vertical of 44.5 Inches at the NBA Combine

You're probably not familiar with the name Hamiduo Diallo yet, and that's fine. After spending a year at a prep school in Connecticut, the 6-foot-5 swingman arrived at Kentucky in January and didn't see a single minute of playing time under head coach John Calipari. Now he's mulling over the possibility of declaring for the NBA Draft.

There are plenty of unknown about Diallo, and he didn't shed much light on his abilities at this week's NBA Combine by sitting out the 5-on-5 scrimmages; but one thing that cannot be ignored is the dude's freakish athleticism.

Diallo posted the highest max vertical of any shooting guard at the Combine, leaping a ridiculous 44.5 inches. This came after Diallo said he had added eight pounds of muscle during his four months at Kentucky, pushing his weight to 197 pounds. Diallo also boasts a wingspan of almost 7 feet, and he has one of the lowest body fat percentages, just 5.2, among players at the Combine.

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Diallo hasn't finally decided whether to jump ship and enter the NBA Draft, and he's hoping his Combine experience will help him better determine his stock. Scouts are split, as you might imagine. Some think he could be drafted in the top 20. Others think he might not be drafted at all. Whatever Diallo decides, his athleticism is the one part of his game that will not be questioned at either level.