Watch LeBron James Recite Every Play of a 2-Minute Stretch Like It Was Happening in Front of Him

LeBron James has long been known to have the kind of memory we'd all kill for, a kind that allows him to remember almost every basketball play he's ever been a part of and recount it in perfect detail sometimes years after the fact. We don't get to see him do it publicly often, but when he does, it's something to behold.

We got another glimpse into LeBron's beautiful mind after the Cavs lost to the Boston Celtics in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Sunday. A reporter asked LeBron about a two-minute stretch in the third quarter, when the Celtics went on a lightning-fast 7-0 run to quell any thoughts of a Cavs' comeback the team had briefly embarked on. This was LeBron's response.

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When he finished, people in the room literally clapped, as if he'd just finished a scene from Macbeth. The way LeBron remembers each play in correct order, and the detail along with it (like remembering Tatum's Eurostep), is incredible.

Fifteen years into his career, LeBron is still finding ways to amaze us.