Watch Marshawn Lynch Go Beastmode During Raiders Practice

There might never be a time when Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch is on the field and not giving 100 percent. Even during "thud mode" in practice, Lynch hits the hole hard and shows you what he's made of.

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Lynch stepped away from football for a season, and a lot of people questioned whether the 5-time Pro Bowler can still carry the rock. On Monday, the 31-year-old RB returned for his team's seventh OTA practice and showed everyone that he still has Beastmode in him.

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Some defensive players might have pulled up since the practice was not full-go, but it's great to see Lynch find a big hole and hit it hard. He also spun the free safety around a couple of times with a pair of sharp cuts.

The practice was not open to the media, but Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio thought the world needed to see that Beastmode is back.

Raiders fans could be seeing lots of big runs like this during the season, since Lynch will be running behind three returning Pro Bowl offensive linemen from last season. It will be almost like he never left. 

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