Watch Myles Garrett Barbell Row 315 Pounds Like It's Nothing

Your jaw can't help but drop when you watch Myles Garrett navigate a weight room.

While the rest of us are relegated to sliding on an extra 5- or 10-pound plate between sets, the Cleveland Browns rookie defensive end piles on 45-pound plates with reckless abandon. For mere mortals, attempting to move such massive amounts of weight would be extremely hazardous. For Garrett, it's fun.

During a recent shoot, STACK's cameras caught Garrett having some "fun" during a few sets of Barbell Rows. Soon enough, the Cleveland Browns' prized rookie was rowing 315 pounds for reps. You can see him showing off his superhuman strength in the video player above (or at the link here).

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Garrett is actually performing more of a pronated grip Yates Row here, a variation popularized by former Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates which has the body in a more upright position than the classic Barbell Bent-Over Row. "(It's about) testing your limits and seeing how far I can really push myself. I never know how great I can really be if I don't attack every single drill, every single activity as hard as I can," Garrett told STACK after his workout.