Watch T.Y. Hilton's 4-Year-Old Son Juke an Entire Flag Football Team

T.Y. Hilton led the NFL in receiving yards last season, but his 4-year-old son now officially leads the Hilton household in jukes after what he did during a flag football game over the weekend.

While the NFL Draft was going down in Philadelphia, Hilton was at his son's flag football game, watching the kid he calls "Little Ghost" fake every single defender out of their size 6 or smaller shoes. In what begins as a running play, the littlest Hilton sprints to the left sideline before breaking back to his right, evading multiple defenders in the process. As he approaches midfield, Little Ghost slows down ever so slightly and sidesteps, sending the last defender in pursuit tumbling to the ground.

Put Lil' Hilton in the NFL right now as a kick returner. He's clearly ready to go.

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