Watch the Chicago Bears Execute the Prettiest Football Play Ever

If you didn't catch the latest edition of Monday Night Football, you didn't miss much.

The Minnesota Vikings beat the Chicago Bears 20-17 in a sloppy game that featured a whopping 17 penalties. However, there was one glittering moment of sheer football beauty. It came when the Bears elected to run a 2-point conversion to tie the game early in the fourth quarter. The play design was ingenious and the execution was flawless:

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That's just sublime.

It starts off looking like a read-option play with quarterback Mitch Trubisky and running back Jordan Howard. Vikings Pro Bowl linebacker Anthony Barr is left unblocked, as he's the read man. Trubisky hands it off to Howard. Howard then passes the ball off to tight end Zach Miller, who's running a reverse-type pattern. Just as Barr is about to make a play on Miller, Miller pitches it out to Trubisky who waltzes into the end zone untouched. It might just be the prettiest play we've ever seen.