Box Drill

"The box drill is a very important drill for volleyball players," Jahn says of the next exercise. "They need to be able to get off the ground very quick and transition very quick to go from moving horizontally to moving vertically."

To perform this drill, set up four cones in the shape of a square. Each side of the square should be 7 yards. Start at the bottom left cone and sprint up to the top left cone. Then shuffle across to the top right cone. Move around this cone and back pedal to the bottom right cone. Lastly, shuffle across to the bottom left cone where the drill began.

While you perform these movements, have a coach or partner clap or blow a whistle. On each clap or whistle blow, jump up as high and as quickly as possible. Try to make the reaction time from clap/whistle to jumping as fast as possible. Within a given repetition around the square, have your partner or coach clap or whistle two or three times. Perform four to eight repetitions of this drill with as much as a minute-long rest in between reps.