Crossover Step Drill

"The crossover step drill is a basic side-to-side movement drill," Jahn says.. "I have everyone do this drill—the setters, the blockers, the hitters, everyone."

To perform the drill, set up two cones roughly 5 yards apart. Stand inside of the cones, next to the left cone, so that you can touch the cone with your left hand. Standing in an athletic position, take a crossover step with your left foot in front of your right leg. Next, step to the right with your right leg to straighten your hips back out. Lastly, take shuffle steps to the right until you can touch the other cone. Use a crossover step with your right leg first, and then step and shuffle to the left to get back to the left cone.

Move back and forth between the two cones for a total of 10 touches; five for each cone. The key is to move your feet quickly, keep your hips low, and move in between the cones as fast as possible. Start performing three sets of 10 touches and build up to as many as 10 sets as your ability improves. Make sure to get full recovery in between sets. About a 45 to 60-second rest should do.