Walking Lunges for Distance

• Begin at goal line of football field and step forward into lunge position

• Lower down until back knee almost touches ground, keeping front knee behind toes

• Raise to standing position and repeat with opposite leg in continuous walking fashion over a specified distance

REPS: 4 x 50 yards (gradually increase reps and distance as season approaches)

RECOVERY: 1-2 minutes (gradually decrease as season approaches)

BENEFITS: “The walking lunge takes you through the same motion you use when you are taking a shot. A wrestler must be able to replicate that movement over and over throughout the course of a match, so he must be conditioned to do so.” —Sandeen

Coaching Point: “It is important for a high school athlete to start at a point where he is not going to destroy himself for the next year. The key is to improve as you go so that you can go a little longer each time as you cut the recovery down. Starting in May, look forward to where you want to be in November. Then you can work backward and build up to that point.” —Halberg