Pro Agility Shuttle (5-10-5) Drills

To perform this shuttle, run a 5, 10 and 5-yard sprint. Imagine you're straddling the 5-yard line on a football field with the end zone to your left and the 10-yard line to your right. Start the drill with your hand on the ground touching the 5-yard line. Then turn 90 degrees to your right and sprint to the 10-yard line. Touch the 10-yard line and sprint all the way to the end zone. Touch the goal line, and then sprint back through the 5-yard line. This sort of agility drill works change of direction ability. The Wildcats perform about eight to 10 repetitions of these shuttles, with four to five turning to the right first, and four to five turning to the left first. A 3:1 rest to work ratio is used in this drill, meaning rest for three times the length of time it took to complete the drill before running your next repetition.