Single-Leg Tricep Pushdown with Basketball Grip

• Assume single-leg stance in front of cable pushdown with opposite foot just off ground

• Keeping elbows tight to ribcage, push cable down until arms are straight

• Allow arms to return to start position with control

Form matters: “Keep your elbows pinned to your side for the whole set. The upper arms shouldn’t move at all. Make sure your balancing leg is lined up with the rest of your body— directly underneath your corresponding hip and shoulder. Don’t lean your upper body toward the side of the balancing leg to compensate for the instability.”

Why he does it: “This exercise strengthens the triceps while working balance and stability. The muscles around your ankle and knee of the balancing leg have to work to maintain balance throughout the exercise. The basketball grip gets our guys used to gripping the ball—making it more basketball-specific.”