• Place physioball against wall
• Lie with lower back on ball and legs up the wall spread in a V
• Keeping lower back on ball, bend at hips until you feel tension in hamstrings and groin and hold

Sets/Reps: 2 x 30 seconds
Benefits: “If you came to one of our facilities, you’d notice that we use physioballs for passive stretching more than anything else. The biggest problem people have when they stretch is that they move too much with their backs and not enough with their hips. When your lower back is on the ball, it preserves the natural curve of your spine. Stretching with your back in this position gives you a significantly better stretch.”

The Big Picture: “We use these stretches before workouts to lengthen muscles. We begin with foam rollers, followed by these stretches and a dynamic warm-up. Using these post-workout also helps restore muscle length.”