Physioball Push-up

• Assume push-up position with hands on sides of physioball and feet on ground
• Lower with control until chest barely touches ball
• Push up on ball until arms are straight

Sets/Reps: 3 x 8-10
More Difficult: Elevate feet (up to 24”)
Advanced: Add resistance with weight vest (up to 30 lbs.)
Benefits: “This is one of the best physioball exercises for football players—especially linemen. You have the correct hand position; you’re forced to stabilize with your core; and you have to apply force into something that doesn’t just sit there for you. Equal and opposite force from each shoulder is required, and your core has to stabilize to keep the ball in place.”

The Big Picture: “We use this exercise as a secondary upper-body movement. We bench on Day 2 of the week and do some sort of alternate press on Day 4, which is where this fits in. I have changed from a heavy day/light day breakdown to a stable day/unstable day format. The thing didn’t like about the heavy/light format is that had to enforce light weight. I’d see guys doing the same weight on the second day that they did on the first. They didn’t comprehend the benefits of benching light on the second day and that going heavy defeated the purpose. This exercise challenges the same muscle group, but eliminates the need to enforce the weight.”