Power Snatch

  • Grip bar much wider than shoulder width and assume athletic stance, with bar touching shins
  • Get into deadlift position with back locked, shoulders up, and abs and chest flexed
  • Begin initial pull by extending hips and knees
  • When bar is just above knees, explode upward by forcefully shrugging with straight arms and fully extending hips, knees and ankles
  • Pull bar up, keeping it close to chest
  • Drop underneath bar and catch it overhead in athletic stance

Sets/Reps: 5x3; progress to sets of 2, then 1
Variation: For athletes in events longer than 400 meters, perform from hang position. Start with 5 reps and progress down from there
Problems Solved: Tight hips, poor coordination and athleticism
Peacock: Our program is based around the Olympic lifts, and the Snatch is my favorite. The movement is so much faster than the Clean, because the weight is lighter. To get into the starting position, your hips have be flexible, and everything has to work together. This improves body control and overall athleticism, because you have to jump with weight and maintain your center gravity.