Single-Leg Bosu Touch

• Position Bosu with plastic disc down
• Balance on left leg on center of Bosu
• Lower into quarter squat and touch right foot to ground in front of Bosu; repeat 5 times
• Touch right foot to ground on right side of Bosu 5 times
• Touch right foot to ground behind Bosu 5 times
• Repeat sequence on right leg

Sets/Reps: 2x5+5+5 each leg
Benefits: Balance, hip, glute, ankle and core strength; hip and ankle stability
Manson: We are trying to improve balance and strengthen the hips and ankles with this. They’re all linked together—if there is a problem with one thing, it affects the others. Toward the end of the season, some of the guys suffer from ligament laxity in their ankles—David West could barely push his foot into my hand by the end of last season. So protecting and strengthening their ankles is a big goal for us. We can’t prevent a guy from stepping on someone’s foot and rolling his ankle, but we can influence how the ankle reacts. We can limit the damage by making those ankles as strong as possible.
Cochran: Our strength focus is on legs, core and shoulders. During the season, you have to work your legs whenever you can. It‘s tough because they are doing so much running, but any time we can get in here and do some leg work, we make sure to get it done.