Dumbbell Box Jumps

• Assume athletic stance holding dumbbells at sides, about an arm's length away from plyo box
• Lower into quarter-squat; then explode through hips, knees and ankles to jump for maximum height
• Land softly with bent knees on top of plyo box
• Step down slowly; repeat for specified reps

Coaching Points: Perform first set with no weight, then gradually increase weight with each set.
Gaines: When we work with athletes of Brandon Roy's caliber, a 42-inch plyo box just isn't enough for them. So we started to add weight. Brandon got to a point where he could jump onto a 36-inch box holding 60-pound dumbbells. He starts with no weight and then works up-15, 25, 40, then 55 or 60.
Sets/Distance: 5x5 yards