Half Moon Fielding With Baseball

• Place five cones in semi-circle and one cone in center
• Stand at center cone with semi-circle to left; partner stands outside semi-circle
• As partner rolls baseball to cone, sprint to cone, break down and field ball
• Toss ball back; backpedal to center cone
• Repeat continuously for all five cones
• Perform set with semi-circle on right

Sets/Recovery: 2 sets each side/45 seconds rest

Gillett: This works on getting into the right position—low with a wide base. Start slowing down with your back leg first; then get on that front leg. If your weight is too far on the front leg, you’ll keep going forward. I incorporate a baseball to make him more efficient, since fielding a ball comes so naturally to him.

Verlander: Just like everything we do outside, it’s got some conditioning to it. It’s also a mental thing for me. You have to focus to get your footwork right, but you also have to think about catching the ball.