Six-Pack Scap Routine

• Position physioball on incline bench and attach surgical tubing underneath bench
• Lie with stomach on ball, holding tubing in both hands
• Brings arms to positions below, holding each for six seconds
• Repeat for specified reps Arms in front V, thumbs up Arms in front V, palms down Arms to side, thumbs up Arms to side, palms down Elbows at 90, shoulders at 90, thumbs up Elbows at 90, shoulders at 90, palms down

Reps/Duration: 6x6-second hold at each position

Gillett: To me, the core spans all along your spine through your hips, including the scap muscles. Pinch your scaps together, and keep your shoulders down. Everyone talks about the rotator cuff, which consists of four muscles that stabilize the shoulder girdle; but they forget about the scaps, which is your shoulder blade area. If your scaps don’t move properly, [you’ll have] instability in that shoulder.

Verlander: I do it before my workout, and do manual resistance strengthening at the end.