Dumbbell Squat Jump to Pull-Up

Benefits: Lower body explosion, upper body strength, and mental and physical conditioning

• Assume athletic stance holding light dumbbells at sides with Pull-Up bar in front
• Using proper squat technique, squat until tops of thighs are parallel to floor
• Explode up and jump for maximum height
• Land in athletic stance with soft knees; gently place dumbbells outside of feet on ground
• Jump up to grab pull-up bar with shoulder-width grip
• Perform 3 Pull- Ups, lowering with control
• Let go of Pull-Up bar and step back to original position
• Squat and pick up dumbbells; repeat sequence for specified reps

Sets/Reps: 4x5 [1 Squat Jump and 3 Pull-Ups constitute one rep]
Hess: This is an incredibly creative exercise that forces you not only to use your physical strength but mental strength, too. If you are not focused, you run the risk of missing the bar. It is very effective in improving explosive power. Although the Pull-Up portion is not incredibly sport-specific, you are teaching your body to work out of normal parameters. Brilliant thought process! Way to go STACK!