300-Yard Shuttle

  • Begin at goal line and sprint to 50-yard line
  • Plant at 50, pivot and sprint back to goal line
  • Continue down-and-back pattern for two more passes

Sets/Reps/Recovery: 1x3 with 2 minutes rest
Durkin: He’s a beast! It was a long day—an hour and a half in the weight room and an hour on the field. You notice some of the other guys were leaving, and he wanted a little extra. That’s what makes him special. He does that all the time, a little bit extra. Three of those bad boys are challenging. Under a minute is good—52 seconds is our goal. He got 52 seconds the first two, the third one you’d think he’d get slower. He actually got faster on the third one. It’s truly a test of will power and mental toughness at that point. You’re tired, you’re legs are heavy. The quarterback should always be out there in front, leading the team, and when he’s back in New Orleans, and they’re running gassers, I can promise you he’s going to be leading them.