Dynamic Warm-Up

Perform each drill below for two sets of 15-20 reps unless otherwise noted.

A-Skips: 2x10-15 yards
Lateral Skips: 2x10-15 yards
High Knees:
2x10-15 yards
Buttkicks: 2x10-15 yards
Lunges: 2x10-15 yards
Straight-Leg March: 2x10-15 yards
Jumping Jacks   
Gate Swings: Hop, land and drop hips into low squat with feet wide. Push outward on inside of knees with elbows; repeat
Pogo Hops: Rapidly bounce on balls of feet with minimal knee bend
Seal Jacks: Perform Jumping Jack but swing arms horizontally—hands together in front of chest to arms as far back as possible
Flings: Same as Seal Jacks, but cross arms in front as you cross feet. Alternate top arm and front foot each rep
Speed Ladder: Perform 5-10 drills down and back with football in hand

Durkin: This elevates tissue temperature, lengthens fascia and warms up the nervous system. This is a little more performance based than the general warm-up. The hopping drills and speed ladder help strengthen the lower shank (calves, ankles, shins and feet). That needs to be strong to get faster. They’re paid to play football, so any time I can have a football in their hands, the better. Sometimes I swipe at it to prevent laziness and complacency.